Cancellation of HIMSS20

To all our distinguished speakers and thought leaders, sponsors, and educational partners of the Intelligent Health Association (IHA) and the Intelligent Health Pavilion:

Dear friends and colleagues, 

WOW! What an unprecedented event for all of us!  The last 72 hours have brought a whirlwind of change and disruption with the cancellation of HIMSS20 for all of us in the global healthcare community.

In keeping with the WHO and CDC’s recommendations, we fully support the HIMSS team’s decision to cancel the conference. While we recognize the great inconvenience to everybody affected, we also support that the threat of the coronavirus has been handled by HIMSS with the utmost attention to health and safety for all participants and the global healthcare ecosystem. The IHA team congratulates the HIMSS team in the way they responded to and handled this crisis.

Over the next few weeks, the Intelligent Health Association will be working closely with HIMSS and your teams to provide as much support as possible in navigating the logistics necessary to return equipment, etc.  In addition, HIMSS will be working with you in navigating the overall cancellation process with all of the details that are part of this event. Here is the FAQ from HIMSS mgmt to get you started:  

Elli Riley of HIMSS, has asked the IHA / IHP to allow HIMSS about 14 Business Days to work out all details around this cancellation and to also outline plans for 2021.

Our entire team sends our heartfelt thanks to you for your continued involvement and support of the Intelligent Health Association and the Intelligent Health Pavilion. We look forward to working with you again for HIMSS21 and creating an event which will be equal to the incredible one we had planned for this year. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to be at the forefront of introducing incredible health technology developments and opportunities to the world at HIMSS! 

Some of you have become aware of several new initiatives that we are launching for 2020 and 2021 including our new Intelligent Health book series in partnership with HIMSS, CRC, Taylor and Francis ( A Div. of Informa) and many contributing authors. We will be providing you with OFFICIAL details as these and other projects launch.

I thank all of you for your TEN years of support and cooperation as we continue to help educate the global health eco-system to adopt new technologies, software, processes, Apps, and Smart Drugs.  

Harry P. Pappas, Founder and CEO

Intelligent Health Association

10th year for the IH Pavilion is at HIMSS20

Philadelphia, PA – March 1, 2020 – The Intelligent Health Association (IHA), creator of The Intelligent Health Pavilion™ (IHP), the one-stop, healthcare-technology, destination pavilion, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at HIMSS20 from March 10th – 13th, 2020.

Once again, at the pavilion that has buzzed with thousands of visitors each year, attendees will be able to see innovative health technology in action and in context in one of the unique, live-demo rooms or the multi-room i-HOME™.  The Intelligent Health Pavilion™ allows visitors to view and dynamically interact with the technologies and applications in the traditional patient-care and treatment environments. Opportunities include the OR with DaVinci robot, ICU infection prevention room, Labor and Delivery Room, as well as the Continuum of Care Room. 

“We are thrilled to be back for our 10th year at HIMSS20. Every year we experience such amazing growth in ideas and ability to deliver a great technology focused experience for our sponsors, speakers and attendees,” says Harry P. Pappas, founder and CEO of the Intelligent Health Association. “Our Intelligent Health Pavilion couldn’t happen without Anne Olscher on the IHA team and Elli Riley from HIMSS. It’s definitely a team effort to support a pavilion of this size and complexity.” 

Continuing with innovative ideas, the IHP is producing a new experience with the advanced Biomedical Engineering Room. The award-winning pavilion will show off the latest technologies and integrated health and wellness apps. These innovations seamlessly integrate to support caregivers and caretakers at each step in a person’s health journey (the “Cycle of Care™”) contributing to improved patient outcomes, greater access to care, and a reduction in costs.

For the 10th year in a row, The IHP will also offer several mini-conferences and participants can learn from industry experts on topics such as: 

  • Women in Tech with Lisa Suennen 
  • Wearables, Sensors and Mobile Devices with Dr. Anna Krieger
  • Voice Technology in Healthcare with Dr. Teri Fisher
  • Biomedical with Dr. Paul Frisch
  • Location-Based Health Care with Mark Rheault
  • Infection Prevention with Dr. Linda Lee

We are welcoming back Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong as one of our keynote speakers in addition to Dr. Anna Krieger and Lisa Suennen. We are fortunate to be able to offer such a diverse and talented group of speakers across the three days we are at HIMSS2020 which makes the most of every visitor’s time.

One of our most important events at the IHPavilion is our awards ceremony. This year, in honor of the late Emily Sopenski who ran the awards program from its inception, we will be honoring companies with the IHA Emily Sopenski Innovation Award.

About the IHA

What is the Intelligent Health Association? The IHA is a global, technology-centric and technology-agnostic, vendor-neutral educational organization driving the adoption of new technologies and new software, along with clinical APPS. The IHA focuses on the following technologies: Auto-ID, biometrics, UV technologies, smart lighting, RFID/RTLS, 3-D printing, lasers, robotics, RF technologies, voice technology, wearables, sensors, hearables, mobile devices, and all wireless technologies. The IHA and its affiliated groups, consortia and alliances, are focused on the adoption of new technologies in the health community.

Visit our website: and Stop by our destination pavilion and join the “Evolution to the Digital Healthcare Revolution™”!

For more information on how to participate in the Intelligent Health Pavilion(™) and the Intelligent Health Association (™), please contact Harry P. Pappas at: or 

Press Release

The Award Winning Intelligent Health Pavilion Makes its’ Debut in the Middle East

Informa Markets and The Intelligent Health Association have announced their collaboration to launch the Intelligent Health Pavilion at the Global Health Exhibition taking place from 10-12 September 2019 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. The organizers of Arab Health will team up with the Intelligent Health Association (IHA)a global, technology based and technology focused organization comprised of many new technology communities and societies all operating under one organizational structure with a common goal: to help drive the “Evolution to the Health Revolution™

‘’ We believe in the importance of technology in healthcare and the power of live experience’’ said Azzan Mohamed, Global Health Exhibition Manager, Informa Markets. ‘’Through our cooperation with the IHA, we will continue to thrive in providing our sponsors and visitors the ideal platform to engage in a demonstrative healthcare environment’’

“We’re excited and looking forward to our educational partnership with healthcare team at Informa Markets,” said Harry P. Pappas, IHA Founder & CEO. “We’re confident that together, we can help drive the adoption of new technologies into the health community around the world for better health and wellness for all.”

The interactive, award-winning pavilion will show off the latest transformative technologies and integrated health and wellness APPS, seamlessly integrated to support caregivers and caretakers at each step in a person’s health journey – the Cycle of Care™ – contributing to improved patient outcomes, greater access to care, and a reduction in costs.

Global Health Exhibition is under the patronage and support of the Ministry of Health, KSA.

To discuss the sponsorship opportunities available, feel free to contact Harry Pappas at:

Intelligent Health Association Announces 2019 Award Recipients

The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) announced the recipients of the competitive IHA 2019 Awards and the Special Recognition award. Each year IHA recognizes individuals, organizations or institutions that have demonstrated leadership in the digital health community.

NEW YORKFeb. 13, 2019PRLog — To be considered for any of these awards, one or more of the following technologies must be used in the healthcare solution: Auto-ID, BAP, BLE, BYOD, biometrics, MEMS, nanotechnology, NFC, mobile devices, mobile apps, RFID, RTLS, sensors, tablets, telecommunications, wearable technologies or wireless.

The 2019 IHA Special Recognition Award recipient is Nancy Green, Verizon’s Global Practice Lead for Healthcare, Life Sciences & Insurance. “Ms. Green has been phenomenal in her advocacy of the wireless technology’s use in advancing healthcare practices,” exclaims IHA CEO Harry P. Pappas. “We are proud to recognize her singular contributions.”

Orbita & Pillo Health Award Winners

In the rapidly evolving use of voice-enabled devices, the IHA offers a new award, the IHA Voice Technology Award. This award recognizes the breakthroughs the technology is having in institutional settings such as OR’s as well as with the patient at home. The recipient is Orbita, Inc. with Pillo Health for voice-powered integrated remote care management, care team coordination, telemedicine and medication dispensing in a single, intuitive home device. Individual recognition goes to Nathan Treloar, President & Co-founder, Orbita, Inc.; Bill Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, Orbita, Inc.; James Wyman, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Pillo Health; and Mark Florence, Vice President Marketing, Pillo Health.

IHA is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2019 IHA Improving Patient Care and Health Delivery Award is Dignity Health with Propeller Health, recognizing especially Rajan Merchant, MD, Dignity Health; Kelly Summers, MS, MAdm, BSN, RN, Senior Director, Dignity Health; and David Van Sickle, Chief Executive Officer, Propeller Health. Their use of wireless technologies improved patient outcomes, increased provider productivity and satisfaction, and drove down unnecessary costs of asthma patients.

For the 2019 IHA Innovative Healthcare Award, Bay Eye Clinic is the recipient and specifically Mary Houghton, COA, OSA, OCS, Clinic Manager. Bay Eye Clinic now provides the ability to document each patient encounter with unmatched speed and specificity that was lacking without the use of wireless technologies.

Our thanks to our seasoned judges: Gisele Bennett, Florida Institute of Technology Senior VP Research and Professor in Computer and Electrical Engineering; Donna Hudson, University of California, San Francisco, Professor; and John W. Walz, consultant and retired Lucent Technologies manager.

Thanks also go to judges for the Voice Technology Award: Dr. Teri Fisher, MSc, MD, CCFP(SEM), Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia; Michael Eakins, MFA, Creative Lead, METIL, Institute for Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida; and Sean Kane, Client Engagement Manager, Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions.


About the Intelligent Health Association

The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is a not-for-profit, global organization founded to elevate awareness and to educate the life sciences community on the adoption of new technologies. Educationally focused, IHA is a vendor-neutral, technology and frequency agnostic association dedicated to promoting the use and adoption of auto-ID, NFC, RFID, RTLS, sensors and wireless technologies in the healthcare, assisted and independent living and nursing home industries. For more information, please visit:

Media Contact: Anne Olscher c 705.977.1619

Intelligent Healthcare Association Announces New Voice Technology Award

NEW YORK, November 21, 2018 — The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) announced today it seeks to recognize pioneers in the use of voice technology in providing healthcare. The IHA VOICE TECHNOLOGY IN HEALTHCARE AWARD recognizes those at the intersection of voice technology and healthcare who are making significant contributions to revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare. Similar to the PATHSTAR award, consideration will be given to any prototype, trial, or experiment that has the potential for scaling up or transferring to other programs. Special consideration will be given to evidence-based entries. Subjective demonstrations and examples will be accepted. However, objective metrics and analytics are deeply appreciated.

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Award Winning Pavilion Returns to HIMSS!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – February 22, 2018:  The Intelligent Health Association returns with its award winning Intelligent Health Pavilion for 9th year at HIMSS18.

The Intelligent Health Pavilion (IHP) is a one stop destination within the HIMSS18 conference.  Attendees are able to see innovative health technology in action in one of 8 demo rooms or the 5 room i-Home. Watch the home of the future bring comfort and technology together for better healthcare. Meet the thought leaders and change makers who are shaping and influencing the development of tech within today’s healthcare.


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Intelligent Health Association Brings Its Award-Winning Pavilion Back to HIMSS2017 for 7th Year

3 days of Interactive Demonstrations and Keynote Speakers That Bring Together the Global Healthcare Community

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: February 15, 2017 – The Intelligent Health Association is proud to be bringing its award-winning IHA Pavilion back to HIMSS 2017 for a 7th year. HIMSS will be held in Orlando from February 19th to 23rd, 2017. The Intelligent Health Pavilion’s goal is to raise the level of awareness and educate healthcare professionals on the integration and adoption of new technologies for improved patient care and safety and the patient experience.

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Industry Awards Recognize Leaders in Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions

Intelligent-Health-AssocitionLogo_Andrew_banner_larger-tagline-01Intelligent Healthcare Association Announces 2017 Award Recipients


 Industry Awards Recognize Leaders in Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions


NEW YORK, February 13, 2017 — The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) announced today the recipients of the IHA 2017 Awards, both special recognition and competitive. Each year IHA recognizes an individual or institution that has demonstrated leadership in the digital health community. In 2017, the IHA Special Recognition Award recipient is Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for NantHealth, which offers a systems-based approach to personalized healthcare integrating novel diagnostics with large-scale, biometric and phenotypic data to track patient outcomes and deliver precision medicine. Dr. Soon-Shiong will receive his award Monday February 20 at 11:20am at the IHA Pavilion, HIMSS17, Orlando, FL.

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The RFID in Healthcare Consortium Announces Intelligent Hospital Award Recipients

Industry Awards Recognize Leaders in Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions

NEW YORK, February 12, 2014 — The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) and Intelligent announced today the following six awards for 2014 and their recipients:

  • Improving Regulatory Compliance was awarded to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Conrad Emmerich, associate vice president for resource management and enterprise visibility; Beverly Essick, D.O.M. and director of clinical compliance and regulatory services; and Mary Jagim, associate director, Office of Enterprise Visibility, will receive the award. Continue reading

Intelligent Healthcare Association Announces 2016 Award Recipients

Nominations now open for 2017:  Nomination Form

Intelligent Healthcare Association Announces 2016 Award Recipients

Industry Awards Recognize Leaders in Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions

NEW YORK, February 22, 2016 — The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) announced today the recipients of the IHA 2016 Awards, both competitive and special recognition.

Each year IHA recognizes an individual or institution that has demonstrated leadership in the digital health community. In 2016, the IHA Special Recognition Award recipient is Humber River Hospital (Toronto, Canada), the first all-digital hospital in North America. Opened in October 2015, serving more than 850,000 with 656 beds, patient care has been reimagined with mission-critical goals depending on technology for delivering enhancements. Receiving the award on March 2 are Dr. Rueben Devlin, president and chief executive officer, Barb Collins, chief operating officer, and Peter, Bak, chief information officer.  Continue reading

Intelligent Hospital Pavilion Debuts at HealthAchieve 2015

Toronto – August 6, 2015 – The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), in partnership with the Intelligent Health Association (IHA), is excited to introduce the first-ever Intelligent Hospital Pavilion (IHP) at HealthAchieve in Toronto this November 2 and 3. This technology-equipped destination pavilion will feature two demonstration rooms that will showcase the latest wireless technologies being utilized in today’s hospitals. READ MORE HERE!

Intelligent Hospital Association Announces Alliance with RC Partners

Intelligent Hospital Association Announces Alliance with RC Partners

Partnership to launch technology-based educational programs focused on issues affecting patient safety and care.

New York, NY – June 18, 2015 – Intelligent Hospital Association (IHA), an innovative global, technology-focused organization with a goal to help drive the “Evolution to the Health Revolution™ ,” today announced an educational partnership with RC Partners of Newtown, PA. The alliance was formed to jointly produce and present multi-media, vendor-neutral technology and informational programs focused on the Life Sciences community on all relevant issues affecting patient safety and care.  Continue reading

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