Books for Healthcare Technology

Welcome and Introduction with Teri Fisher and Dr. David Metcalf

  • The Voice Technology in Healthcare book and how it can be useful to all of us.
  • How the book covers a cross section of the voice technology industry; where the industry is at today, a history of it, what is available right now, and its future.

Voice Technology in Healthcare

The “voice first” era is upon us. This term, coined by Brian Roemmele, refers to the fact that we as human beings, “are voice first before we are born.” (3)  Additionally, our way of communicating with technology will no longer be tied to a physical device. We will now primarily use our voices.

Wi-Fi Enabled Healthcare

MHealth, a subset of Ehealth, has experienced explosive growth in the last few years. It entails clinicians being able to diagnose patients in remote locations using a variety of wireless networks, devices and applications.

AI in Health

What if we coulkd detect heart disease in a single heartbeat? How about unlimited, AI-assisted virtual health consults for one dollar a visit? Sound like more AI hype? It’s not. Transformative health services are happening now. They’re driven by restless individuals and organizations unwilling to accept the status quo in health.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Over the past few years, digital health was been one of the hottest industries to invest in. But combine healthcare with blockchain and the sky is the limit.

One niche within healthcare that has shown significant amount of promise is biomedical technology.

Collborative Internet of Things (C-IoT)

This book provides a simplified visionary approach about the future direction of IoT, addressing its wide-scale adoption in many markets, its interception with advanced technology, the explosive growth in data, and the emergence of data analytics. IoT business applications span multiple vertical markets. The objective is to inspire creative thinking and collaboration among startups and entrepreneurs, which will breed innovation and deliver IoT solutions that will positively impact us by making our lives and business processes more efficient.