Voice technology in healthcare: Live!

Welcome and Introduction with Teri Fisher and Dr. David Metcalf

  • The Voice Technology in Healthcare book and how it can be useful to all of us.
  • How the book covers a cross section of the voice technology industry; where the industry is at today, a history of it, what is available right now, and its future.

Section 1

An introduction to voice technology in healthcare

Meet Audrey Arbeeny

Meet Nathan Treloar

Section 2

Meet Stuart Patterson

Meet David Kemp of Future Ear

Meet Robin Christopherson

Meet Geoff Parker from Macadamian

Section 3

Meet Dr. Sandhya Pruthi from the Mayo Clinic

Meet Harjinder Sandhu, PhD

Meet Dr. Yoa Kumah-Crystal

Meet Dr. Ed Chung

Section 4

Meet Dr. David Metcalf from the METIL

Meet Michael Eakins from METIL

Meet the Team behind Voice Technology in Healthcare