IHA Affiliated Technology Communities

The IHA is comprised of numerous affiliated, technology-centric, organizations that are operating as subsidiary entities under the guidelines and by-laws of the IHA, the IHA management team and the IHA board.

Each affiliated organization has its own management team and advisory board and operates its own educational programs in close cooperation with the IHA.

All affiliated technology groups of the IHA focus on complementary technologies that can be combined in a seamless, integrated manner to deliver maximum ROI within the health industry.

The IHA includes (but is not limited to) the following technology groups:

  1. The RFID in Healthcare Consortium – www.rfidinhealthcare.org
  2. The Intelligent Hospital  TV  (IHTV)–  www.intelligenthospital.tv
  3. NFC in Life Sciences Assoc. ™
  4. M 2 M in Life Sciences Group ™
  5. Sensors in Healthcare Alliance ™
  6. Medical Grade Wireless Society
  7. Nano in Life Sciences Group
  8. BlueTooth Low Energy In Healthcare Consortium
  9. The Alliance for MEMS Technology in Life Sciences