Intelligent Hospital Association Announces Alliance with RC Partners

Partnership to launch technology-based educational programs focused on issues affecting patient safety and care.

New York, NY – June 18, 2015 – Intelligent Hospital Association (IHA), an innovative global, technology-focused organization with a goal to help drive the “Evolution to the Health Revolution™ ,” today announced an educational partnership with RC Partners of Newtown, PA. The alliance was formed to jointly produce and present multi-media, vendor-neutral technology and informational programs focused on the Life Sciences community on all relevant issues affecting patient safety and care. 

Initially, the partnership will focus on the Healthcare Pharmacy Supply Chain and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), as well as programs for understanding the Unique Device Identification (UDI) system recently implemented by the FDA.

“Today’s hospital networks are so complex and ever-changing, making it extremely challenging to identify key points of attack risk in the supply chain on an ongoing basis,” says Robert Celeste, Founding Partner of RC Partners. “This collaboration combines two powerful entities that will provide customers with a new approach to understanding their potential dangers, understanding the new laws and regulations and prioritizing remediation efforts in a meaningful and effective way.”

Their co-produced educational programs will take place at many upcoming educational conferences and trade shows including HIMSS, Interphex, Medica America, Arab Health, ASHP, IEEE, AORN, MTA, mHealth Summit, Health Achieve, among others.
“We’re excited and eager for our venture with RC Partners,” said Harry P. Pappas, IHA Founder & CEO. “We’re confident that together, we can help drive the adoption of new technologies in the health community around the world for better health and wellness for all.”

2015 ASHP Mid-Year Conference
In cooperation with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), the two organizations will develop and produce a complete “Hospital Pharmacy Supply Chain Showcase” within the footprint of the IHA’s Intelligent Pharmacy Pavilion which will be as part of this year’s ASHP and IHA Intelligent Pharmacy Pavilion in New Orleans. The Showcase will demonstrate the traceability and real-time visibility of pharmaceuticals leaving the pharma manufacturing facility, arriving at the hospital’s supply chain area, into the hospital pharmacy and finally being delivered to the patient’s bedside. This demo room will be a joint presentation of the ASHP, the IHA and RC Partners, along with other industry thought leaders.

“We’re certain this will be a unique and valuable learning experience for the pharmacy professionals attending the ASHP conference,” adds Pappas. “The Intelligent Pharmacy Pavilion is especially valuable. Combining our talents to produce insightful, technology-based solutions that enable hospitals to focus on the most immediate security threats allows for much-needed improvements and advancements to overall patient safety and well-being.”

The event will set the stage for the launch of a year-long series of educational events focused on the intricacies of DSCSA and its importance to those involved in the movement of medications through the hospital pharmacy supply chain.
The two parties also will enhance and expand the Hospital Supply Chain Suite that is part of the IHA’s Intelligent Health Pavilion at the 2016 HIMSS Show.

About Intelligent Health Association (IHA)
The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is an innovative, technology-centric, educationally focused, health industry organization and global thought leader in new technologies for the healthcare industry. IHA has as its mission to: raise the level of awareness, help educate the health industry and promote the adoption and use of new mobile technologies in the global health eco-system. The IHA is comprised of many new technology communities and societies all operating under one organizational structure with a common goal: to help drive the “Evolution to the Health Revolution™” through the adoption and implementation of new healthcare technologies. (Visit and

About RC Partners
Trusted as forward-looking thought leaders with a combined 30 years of history among its partners, the team is made up of well-respected professionals in healthcare consulting. By focusing on a mission-based approach, a clear understanding of industry operations and technology, RC Partners’ goal is to help its global clients improve performance and comply with complex regulations. The company interprets and clarifies healthcare industry trends – including legislative and regulatory changes and forecasts. They carefully study the implication of these developments to assist clients in interpreting them for their individual needs. Employing user-friendly simulation, along with an analysis of scenario and operations, RC Partners confidentially makes well-informed recommendations, helps clients obtain organizational buy-in and successfully executes the strategies. (Visit

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