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BLE in Healthcare Consortium TM

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What are the Intelligent Health Association vertical industry consortia?

The idea for the creation of these vertical industry consortia (communities/working groups) came about from feedback from people like you who we met at various vertical industry trade shows and conferences. You asked us to create both on-line and real world, communities/forums whereby members of your specific industry group could meet, network, learn, and share information with other like minded members of your industry group who are in various stages of exploring the use and implementation of AIDC, RFID, RTLS, Sensors, and Wireless technologies in your business.

We listened to you and with your guidance and support we have developed a number of these vertical industry specific communities. Your mandate to us was that these communities be open only to eligible, industry professionals from that given industry through on-line, social networking, web sites, such as www.LinkedIn.com . Because of this pre-qualification, these on-line communities are only open for membership to those individuals who are active professionals within the given vertical industry.


Consortia operating guidelines

It is important to note that all Intelligent Health Association consortia operate on an international level under the auspices, guidelines, management, and by-laws of the parent organization The Intelligent Health Association.

All Vertical Industry Consortia operate under the fundamental principle of mutual respect for all people of the world no matter what their country of origin, color of their skin, gender, religious beliefs, or political views.