Although our 2020 Holiday Season may be different and unprecedented due to the pandemic, our spirits however, will remain HIGH for a better tomorrow for all people. Let us work together to provide food and other necessities to our fellow man, either across the street or around the world as we are all children of Abraham.

The sponsors, staff, management, and volunteers of the Intelligent Health Association (IHA) ask that you remember those in need YEAR-ROUND and NOT just at Christmas TIME. Please commit yourself to doing SOCIAL GOOD YEAR-ROUND, ESPECIALLY FOR THE CHILDREN. Please give to your favorite charity year-round. My family and I are committed to the Salvation Army. What about you???

May we strive to respect each other as humans and to live in peace and harmony with all people, no matter what color, religion, language, ethnic group, politics, rich or poor.

Let’s work together to provide for a better, HEALTHIER world for our children, families and friends.

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all.

Harry P. Pappas
Founder & CEO
The Intelligent Health Association