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Partnering for Virtual Event Success

We wish to thank Rich Scarfo, Pres. of HLTH  and his great team for producing an OUTSTANDING, week long, educational program!

We look forward to our Intelligent Health Pavilion at HLTH 2021 in Boston!


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The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is a global, technology based and technology focused organization comprised of many new technology communities and societies all operating under one organizational structure with a common goal: to help drive the “Evolution to the Digital Health Revolution™ ” through the adoption and implementation of new technologies in the health Eco-system.

The IHA will accomplish this goal through the delivery of vendor neutral, technology agnostic educational programs in a partnership with the other health related organizations, academic institutions, government, technology community, and standards bodies. The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is a “By Invitation Only”, organization, whose primary members are comprised of health related technology firms and other health organizations who have met IHA’s high standards for membership. IHA members have one goal in mind and that is to improve patient care and patient safety, while at the same time helping to reduce the cost of healthcare through the use of technologies. IHA invites representatives from the entire health eco-system to join our “Evolution to the Digital Health Revolution™”.

We are excited to be exploring new opportunities to continue to bring you excellence in healthcare! Please stay tuned as we refresh the website and provide updates on projects and collaborations to keep healthcare moving forward!

The IHA is proud to have supported the VRTL HLTH conference!

“On behalf of the Intelligent Health Association I would like to Thank the hundreds of participants who joined the IHA’s technology tracks this past week as part of HLTH Virtual Conf.   I also thank all of our wonderful IHA speakers who helped us produce a HIGH QUALITY educational program. 
We wish to also thank Rich Scarfo, Pres. of HLTH  and his great team for producing an OUTSTANDING, week long, educational program.
Rich, we look forward to our Intelligent Health Pavilion at HLTH 2021 in Boston.
Thank you all.

Members of the IHA are comprised of the following groups: 

Corporate technology members including technology vendors, telecommunication firms and software vendors such as:

  • Extreme Networks
  • Frost and Sullivan
  • Obix
  • GE Healthcare

Associate members consisting of health organizations to include:

    • Hospitals
    • Military facilities
    • Clinics
    • Health related labs
    • Health Insurance firms
    • Physical Therapy Centers
    • Outpatient Centers
    • Cancer Treatment Centers
    • Government organizations

Professional health organizations and health related trade associations

    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Physical Fitness Outlets
    • Weight Loss Centers

Academic health related institutions:

    • Medical Schools
    • Schools of Nursing
    • Schools of Pharmacy
    • Other related groups engaged in health