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Smart Technology: The Intelligent Choice For Health Care

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In an industry as important and as complex as health care, the need to embrace innovation by adopting and implementing new technologies is paramount.

The world continues to be transformed by smart technology in ways both big and small, and integrating that technology into the health-care system is an important way to improve patient care and safety while reducing the cost of health care.

“It’s making us all more aware of what we need to do to be healthier, to reduce cancer and heart disease risks, and to take better care of ourselves. Smart technology is putting us in control of our own health in a way never before possible.”

Just ask Harry P. Pappas, Founder and CEO of the Intelligent Health Association (IHA), and HealthAchieve partner. As a global technology centric organization whose sole purpose is to help drive the “evolution to the digital healthcare revolution™” The IHA promotes the adoption and implementation of new technologies in the health eco-system.


Ochsner Health System Wins Best Comprehensive Integration Award From Intelligent Health Association At HIMSS 2015

SAN DIEGO, April 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Intelligent Hospital Association today announced that Ochsner Health System was awarded the Best Comprehensive Integration for 2014. The award is given to a hospital or health system that effectively and seamlessly integrates technologies to provide a comprehensive solution in a health care facility.

Ochsner envisioned a system in which pharmacists focused more on direct patient care, technician-managed drug preparation and distribution, and advanced technologies to help improve medication management, patient safety, quality of care, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Staff from the nursing, pharmacy and information technology (IT) departments from across the system worked together to review available technology and determine the best system-wide solution to support this vision