The Intelligent Health Association

Healthier Living Through Technology™

The Intelligent Health Association’s Goals are: 

  • To lead the adoption and implementation of new technologies in the global health and wellness community through quality educational programs.
  • To help transform the patient experience, improve patient care and safety and drive down the cost of healthcare for all  through the adoption of new technologies

The Intelligent Health Association’s Mission is: 

  • Enable the “Evolution to the digital healthcare revolution”™  through vendor neutral educational programs.

The world around us is changing. The growth of the Internet and the proliferation of smart, mobile devices along with many other technologies, are poised to alter the paradigm of how the health industry provides health and how consumers access health services. I believe that now is the time for us to work in a collaborative manner to help transform the health industry. With technology we CAN improve upon patient care and safety today, we CAN improve our lifestyles today, we CAN have access to our own health records, and we CAN drive down health care costs and bring about “Healthier Living through Technologies”. Through technology adoption the entire health and wellness industry can be improved over the next three to five years and save the worldwide healthcare community billions of dollars in healthcare costs. To make this transformation possible, we need to raise the level of awareness and help educate all members of health industry on the many uses of these new technologies. The IHA’s goal is to reach out to all health communities including healthcare facilities, health and wellness centers, independent living, assisted living, nursing homes, clinics, labs, and other related health properties. At the same time, we also need to include the next generation of health professionals in medical schools, schools of nursing, schools of pharmacy and all other allied health professionals in our educational programs. As part of its mission, the IHA will serve as a catalyst in helping to initiate an educational evolution which will lead the health industry to a revolution for better health and wellness. In order for innovation and transformation to take place in the health industry we need the citizens of this great country, the government, insurance providers, health care givers, academia, and technology firms all working hand in hand. Technology is the enabler that will deliver the desired outcomes. Success is contingent on all elements of the health and wellness industries working for positive change in health services.  We ask that you join this association — your association — only if you are prepared to be an agent of change. Join us to start the evolution that will lead to a revolution in health through the adoption of new technologies.