Philadelphia, PA – March 1, 2020 – The Intelligent Health Association (IHA), creator of The Intelligent Health Pavilion™ (IHP), the one-stop, healthcare-technology, destination pavilion, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at HIMSS20 from March 10th – 13th, 2020.

Once again, at the pavilion that has buzzed with thousands of visitors each year, attendees will be able to see innovative health technology in action and in context in one of the unique, live-demo rooms or the multi-room i-HOME™.  The Intelligent Health Pavilion™ allows visitors to view and dynamically interact with the technologies and applications in the traditional patient-care and treatment environments. Opportunities include the OR with DaVinci robot, ICU infection prevention room, Labor and Delivery Room, as well as the Continuum of Care Room. 

“We are thrilled to be back for our 10th year at HIMSS20. Every year we experience such amazing growth in ideas and ability to deliver a great technology focused experience for our sponsors, speakers and attendees,” says Harry P. Pappas, founder and CEO of the Intelligent Health Association. “Our Intelligent Health Pavilion couldn’t happen without Anne Olscher on the IHA team and Elli Riley from HIMSS. It’s definitely a team effort to support a pavilion of this size and complexity.” 

Continuing with innovative ideas, the IHP is producing a new experience with the advanced Biomedical Engineering Room. The award-winning pavilion will show off the latest technologies and integrated health and wellness apps. These innovations seamlessly integrate to support caregivers and caretakers at each step in a person’s health journey (the “Cycle of Care™”) contributing to improved patient outcomes, greater access to care, and a reduction in costs.

For the 10th year in a row, The IHP will also offer several mini-conferences and participants can learn from industry experts on topics such as: 

  • Women in Tech with Lisa Suennen 
  • Wearables, Sensors and Mobile Devices with Dr. Anna Krieger
  • Voice Technology in Healthcare with Dr. Teri Fisher
  • Biomedical with Dr. Paul Frisch
  • Location-Based Health Care with Mark Rheault
  • Infection Prevention with Dr. Linda Lee

We are welcoming back Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong as one of our keynote speakers in addition to Dr. Anna Krieger and Lisa Suennen. We are fortunate to be able to offer such a diverse and talented group of speakers across the three days we are at HIMSS2020 which makes the most of every visitor’s time.

One of our most important events at the IHPavilion is our awards ceremony. This year, in honor of the late Emily Sopenski who ran the awards program from its inception, we will be honoring companies with the IHA Emily Sopenski Innovation Award.

About the IHA

What is the Intelligent Health Association? The IHA is a global, technology-centric and technology-agnostic, vendor-neutral educational organization driving the adoption of new technologies and new software, along with clinical APPS. The IHA focuses on the following technologies: Auto-ID, biometrics, UV technologies, smart lighting, RFID/RTLS, 3-D printing, lasers, robotics, RF technologies, voice technology, wearables, sensors, hearables, mobile devices, and all wireless technologies. The IHA and its affiliated groups, consortia and alliances, are focused on the adoption of new technologies in the health community.

Visit our website: and Stop by our destination pavilion and join the “Evolution to the Digital Healthcare Revolution™”!

For more information on how to participate in the Intelligent Health Pavilion(™) and the Intelligent Health Association (™), please contact Harry P. Pappas at: or