What is the Intelligent Health Pavilion? (IHP) 

The Intelligent Health Pavilion (IHP) is an educational production/initiative and a collaborative effort of the Intelligent Health Association and its technology focused members and supporters.

The IHP is a Hospital DEMO /Simulation, health Eco-system that is erected on the trade show floor of selected health related conferences and trade shows. The largest IHP takes place at the annual HIMSS trade show and conference. The goal of the IHP is to educate and raise the level of awareness of the health industry professionals to better understand the many new technologies and how these technologies can be adopted to improve patient care, patient safety and reduce the cost of operating expenses at all health facilities be it a hospital, a nursing home, an assisted living facility or even in your own home for “better independent living™”. 

What makes the Intelligent Health Pavilion so Unique?

The IHA is comprised of a number of hospital demo rooms that in turn are equipped with a number of existing technologies and software along with new technologies, new software, mobile devices, medical equipment, and the usual hospital room furnishings. Each hospital room is set up to showcase different Use Cases provided by the IHA sponsors. The demo hospital room visitor then takes a tour of the hospital  rooms to  experience  and better understand how a number of different technologies are seamlessly integrated to deliver real time visibility and data on a given patient, high value assets, staff, inventory, and processes.


What steps do you need to take to be considered to be a sponsor/participant of the IHP?

1) Submit your request to the IHA management for review and discussion

2) Your technology must first be FDA, FCC, and UL approved.

3) Have at least been in business for a minimum of three years

4) Must have Unique use case/application or product that the IHP does not already have .


What is the business case for being a participating sponsor at the Intelligent Health Pavilion?

There are many benefits to being a sponsor within the footprint of this destination pavilion:

1) One stop shop

2) There is Strength In numbers

3) Joint marketing campaign

4) Proven record of success in drawing thousands of visitors

What is the difference between a Use Case and a Case Study?

Use Cases:  These are what we present in the individual hospital rooms.  A description is included in the recorded script for the guided tour as well as the hospital room tour handout.  We will have the first draft of the scripts hopefully by the end of November, after which we will be contacting you for review and vetting.

Case Studies – These are printed in the handbook and can be any case study of your choosing.

When will the floorplan be available and when do I pick my kiosk?

The floorplan will be published one month prior to the show. .  It’s anticipated that Vendor’s will pick their kiosk location (based on order initial payment rec’d) three weeks prior to show dates.