Intelligent Health Pavilion at HIMSS19

Experience illuminating and enlightening demonstrations of the latest transformative technologies in the health ecosystem at the Intelligent Health Pavilion. Educational and interactive by design, the pavilion showcases the latest innovative hardware and software solutions that are revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Discover how advanced technologies are being seamlessly integrated to support caregivers and caretakers at each step in a person’s health journey – contributing to improved patient outcomes, greater access to care, and a reduction in costs.

New technologies in 2019: Wearables, Voice in Healthcare, HoloLens and Mixed Reality in surgery and Robotics with AI in the hospital. Multiple guided tours; six conferences and 50+ vendors.

Conference Within a Conference

Five mini conferences will take place in our Leadership and Innovation Theaters.  Join us for these complimentary, vendor neutral, educational conferences in the IHP. Great networking opportunities with all manner of technology enthusiasts from around the world. See these technologies in a real world setting.

Virtual Medicine: AR/VR, Mixed Reality Conference  – Tuesday February 12th – Innovation Theater

Meet and hear from top AR/VR Mixed reality clinicians, surgeons and industry researchers.  Learn how major Healthcare institutions are at the forefront of this Brave New World.  Come, touch, feel and try on the Mixed Reality technologies from leading vendors.

5th. Annual Conference on Wearables and Sensors for Better Health and Wellness – Wednesday February 13th  – Leadership Theater

Join us for an educational and informative one day conference on how these technologies are continually improving the seamless delivery of real time data to your family, your primary caregiver and others in your Circle of Care. How will these technologies impact the delivery of Telehealth and Telemedicine applications to your home and hospital ?

2nd Annual A I for Healthcare Professionals Conference –  Wednesday February 13th  – Innovation Theater

We all have read those HIGH level white papers on A I for healthcare. BUT let’s now hear from those clinicians and healthcare professionals who are on the front lines actually implementing A I in real world settings. Let’s hear how A I is truly transforming the lives of clinicians, patients and the whole of the healthcare eco-system. Real world case studies with real world outcomes, and not more white papers.

VOICE Technologies in Healthcare Workshop – Thursday February 14th – Leadership Theater

The Intelligent Health Pavilion has been demonstrating, in CONTEXT, the use of VOICE technologies for the past two years at our Pavilion @ HIMSS.  This year we will also launch the first VOICE Technologies in Healthcare” workshop for beginners. Meet the key disruptors in the VOICE in healthcare technologies movement.  Learn about real world applications and real world change.

Leveraging, BLE, RFID, RTLS and wireless technologies for a real time ” I o H T” – Thursday February 14th – Innovation Theater

Are you looking to upgrade your hardware and software ?
Are you looking to re-educate your staff to maintain these systems?
How is NFC, BLE and Wayfinding affecting RFID and RTLS?
Do you wish to Improve the accuracy of your “ I o T ” data?
Attend this conference and learn how others are leveraging the real time data derived from  RFID, RTLS and Wireless technologies infrastructure.