HIMSS Sponsorship

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Sponsorship Properties

Use Case(s) in the Demonstration Rooms.  A use case is an example of your technology or product described in terms of how it improves patient care and safety, integrates with other products and contributes to operational efficiencies. A demonstration of your solution/product will be incorporated into the scripted tours of the demonstration rooms. Your use case name and company logo will appear on a panel next to the entrance into the demonstration room.

14 demonstration rooms are planned for the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion. Scripted tours will be created and staff hired to demonstrate equipment as part of the tours. Visitors wear headsets and take a 20-minute guided tour to learn about the technologies and their impact on patient care, patient safety, operational efficiencies and the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Rooms Under Consideration for 2017 include:


  • OR
  • ICU
  • Med Surg Patient Room
  • Emergency Room
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Out Patient Room
  • Supply Chain Room

IoT in Healthcare Demo

Data Center


  • Living Room/Kitchen
  • High Acuity Bedroom
  • Home Bathroom
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Fitness Room

Telemedicine Center

Speaking session in one of TWO theaters located within the Pavilion. What better way to demonstrate your knowledge leadership than by speaking to a pre-qualified audience of senior decision makers?  This provides your organization with a targeted business development opportunity in an intimate environment. Sponsor an industry thought leader or customer to speak about the impact of technology on patient care and delivery.

The Cornerstone Sponsor level provides for the sponsorship of a 50 minute panel discussion. With this level of sponsorship your organization will have a great opportunity to maximize brand exposure by engaging with a standing room only audience of decision makers, industry experts and clinicians.
Every 30 minutes during Exhibit Hall hours educational sessions and case studies will be taking place in all three theaters. All sessions will be promoted in the HIMSS Show Guide.
The IHA will also bring in key note speakers to draw additional attendance into the Pavilion.

VIP Kiosk Tours. Included with the Cornerstone sponsorship is additional exposure and introductions to IHA healthcare associates.
Kiosk within the Pavilion. With one destination pavilion focused on auto-id technologies; visitors can visit many vendors, talk about multiple technologies and see multi-vendor solutions all seamlessly integrated.
Publish case studies and place ads in the Intelligent Health Handbook. With content provided by our educational partners and sponsors, this glossy handbook will detail the various use cases and technologies found throughout the healthcare continuum today. The handbooks will be given to visitors at the entrance to the Pavilion.

Please call Harry Pappas at 484 995 8383 for more information and pricing.