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The Intelligent HealthTM Pavilion (IHP)

If you’ve never visited the Pavilion before, get ready for one of the most illuminating and enlightening demonstrations of the latest transformative technologies in the health ecosystem. Educational and interactive by design, the Intelligent Health Pavilion showcases the latest and most innovative hardware and software solutions that are revolutionizing the way healthcare is being delivered.

We invite you to discover how advanced technologies are being seamlessly integrated to support caregivers and caretakers at each step in a person’s health journey – contributing to improved patient outcomes, greater access to care, and a reduction in healthcare costs.

This year, tour the unique department of Intelligent Hospital to learn how the Internet of Things in Healthcare, connected health, digital health and mHealth developments affect your patients, your job and your hospital’s competitiveness.

i-HOME™ – Better, Healthier, Longer and Safer Living through Technology™

The “i-HOMETM, is your “Connected Smart and Safe, Health & Wellness Home™”. It is also your personal
“Home IoT ™ ” network within your own home.

Patsy, her husband Buck, adult daughter Betty Lou, and 17-year-old son Thurman live in rural Eastern KY.  Buck was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer resulting in a colostomy.   Betty Lou is pregnant, has pre-eclampsia, and is staying with her parents while her husband is deployed.  Thurman has recently been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Patsy works from home and is the primary caregiver/coordinator for this extended family.  Harold is being discharged from the hospital today following a Heart Failure admission.   See how their intelligent home keeps them in their home and out of the hospital.

Health Tech Demo Zone™

The Intelligent Health Pavilion offers you the opportunity to explore new healthcare wearables in the new HealthTech Demo Zone™, where you can also hear presentations and panel discussions on some of the latest successes from the field.

Operating Room – Advanced Perioperative Environment

Both quality of care and patient safety  are enhanced  utilizing  advanced  clinical  applications  and  cutting  edge  medical  devices,  enabling unparalleled  information  access  and  real-time  clinical  staff  awareness.   Two surgeries are presented – open heart and orthopedic surgery.

ICU – Next Generation of Care

George is a missionary who recently returned from Gabon and is believed to be suffering from Ebola.  Experience a variety of innovative technologies that work together to positively transform caregiver and George experiences.

Trauma and Emergency Department – Communication and Collaboration

There has been a Mass casualty on the Florida Turnpike due to flash flood and rain. 50-60 cars are involved. See how real time information is critical to an optimal outcome utilizing communication and vendor collaboration to save lives.

Medical-Surgical Room – IoT Enabled Workflow and Care

During the Med-Surg tour we will demonstrate a number of technologies that are transforming the work and workflow of today’s hospital clinicians. These solutions rely on a combination of medical technologies for treatment delivery, patient care as well as workflow optimization and process validation.  Our patient Harold has been in the ICU following complications during hip replacement surgery. His condition has been upgraded and has just transferred to the Med Surg room.

Labor and Delivery Room (LDR) – Transforming The Birth Experience

The LDR Suite is equipped to handle patient care associated with labor, delivery, and recovery of mother and baby. Betty Lou is 35 weeks along in her pregnancy, preeclamptic, and on bedrest for the past several weeks. Her due date is March 26, 2017 and she arrived at the hospital at her physician’s instructions based on her blood pressures monitored from home.   Follow Betty Lou as she gives birth in a modern labor and delivery setting.

Outpatient – Personalizing the Outpatient Experience

The Outpatient Cancer Care Room (OCR) is the IHP’s first-ever demonstration area focused on outpatient care.  It features the latest innovations in personalized adult and pediatric outpatient cancer care in one place.

Supply Chain Room – Deliver Better Results Through Automation

The Supply Chain demo room in the Intelligent Health Pavilion demonstrates a vision of an integrated supply chain environment that delivers better result through automation and real-time visibility of supplies. This room demonstrates seamless connectivity, enhanced patient safety and quality of care, alert monitoring, materials management, data integration, and efficient workflows through the use of streamlined sensor technology.

Attend our Leadership and Innovation Theater presentations which run every 20 minutes during Exhibit Hall hours and feature industry thought leaders, panel discussions, educational sessions and the newest in healthcare technology case studiesRead More