Welcome to HIMSS16 … and to the Intelligent HealthTM Pavilion (IHP)

If you’ve never visited the Pavilion before, get ready for one of the most illuminating and enlightening demonstrations of the latest transformative technologies in the health ecosystem. Educational and interactive by design, the Intelligent Health Pavilion showcases the latest and most innovative hardware and software solutions that are revolutionizing the way healthcare is being delivered.

We invite you to discover how advanced technologies are being seamlessly integrated to support caregivers and caretakers at each step in a person’s health journey – contributing to improved patient outcomes, greater access to care, and a reduction in healthcare costs.

This year, tour the unique department of Intelligent Hospital to learn how the Internet of Things in Healthcare, connected health, digital health and mHealth developments affect your patients, your job and your hospital’s competitiveness.

Operating Room Tour (OR) – Transforming Operating Room Management

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The OR unit combines a robust network and wireless infrastructure coupled with real time operational intelligence from multiple RTLS / RFID systems. During the tour you will see a number of different RFID technologies demonstrated.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – Transforming Critical Care via Collaboration and Connectivity

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The ICU Tour demonstrates Intelligent Hospital Connectivity and Clinical Collaboration workflow available to hospitals as they care for patients today. Hospitals must balance nursing efficiency and process without compromising safety.  This Unified Communication and Collaboration process consists of a wide variety of medical devices and ancillary systems and endless hospital personnel who are on multiple care teams for many patients. Consequently, it is critical for all hospital partners and vendors to work together to find the most efficient clinical workflow.

Emergency Department (ED) – Transforming Emergency Care Throughput

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Our digital ED is configured with the latest telecommunications infrastructure with data coming from a number of sources including your mobile phone, 911 operator, the local police dept. fire department or other first responders. Part of the ED’s operation is built around its underlying high performance, robust hospital Wi-Fi and its wired, broadband Internet network; along with a seamless blend of multi-carrier cellular services. The high-performance wireless network extends the reach of these devices and allows enhanced information exchange and real-time communications for the many varied users typically present in the ED


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In this demonstration, you’ll see a hospital pharmacy staffed with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Throughout this tour, you will see examples of technologies and how they improve efficiency and accuracy of the medication use process throughout the hospital, and helping to ensure the 5 Rights of medication safety are made possible the right medication, to the right patient, at the right time, via the right route, and at the right dose.

Medical-Surgical Room – Transforming Workflow and Care

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During the Med-Surg tour we will demonstrate a number of technologies that are transforming the work and workflow of today’s hospital clinicians. These solutions rely on a combination of medical technologies for treatment delivery, patient care as well as workflow optimization and process validation.  Our patient Harold has been in the ICU following complications during hip replacement surgery. His condition has been upgraded and has just transferred to the Med Surg room.

Labor and Delivery Room (LDR) Transforming The Birth Experience

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The LDR Suite is equipped to handle patient care associated with labor, delivery, and recovery of mother and baby. Our patient, Michelle Wild, is 34 years old and pregnant with twins. Her husband is a captain in the US Army and currently deployed overseas. Michelle has been staying with her in-laws at their home helping to take care of them while they have been providing support to Michelle throughout her pregnancy. Her sister Lucy, accompanies her to the hospital to provide support and act as her labor coach in the absence of her husband Robert.

Patient Room – Re-Inventing the Patient Experience

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During the Patient Room tour we will demonstrate a number of technologies that are re-inventing the patient experience.    Modelled after the new Humber River Hospital, our patient Dorothy is truly engaged in her care experience.

Supply Chain Room – Transforming Materials Management

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The ultimate Hospital Inventory Management System should provide data to track and manage all forms of supplies, bulk or item level, large or small, whether owned or consigned, refrigerated or frozen, while also being able to deliver Demand Forecasting and Point of Use/Consumption data, and protecting against Expired or Recalled products.  A comprehensive integrated system is vital for accurate inventory management in this age of accountable care, tighter budgets, leaner staffing and Six Sigma methodology. In addition, systems now must accommodate UDI and GS1 standards, whether using bar- codes or Radio Frequency Identification – or RFID technology, or both, when tracking and monitoring implants, catheters, etc.

Dr.’s Office Transforming Patient Experience

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During the Dr’s Office tour we will get a glimpse of how technology is transforming the healthcare experience for both care giver’s and patients. The tour will focus on our patient Dorothy and how technology is truly transforming her experience by putting her at the center of her care. Dorothy had a remote consultation in her home this morning with her doctor, who was able to view an infection on Dorothy’s leg. Her doctor advised her to proceed to the ED where she was assessed and admitted to the hospital to monitor the infection.

The “i-HOMETM, is your “Connected Smart and Safe, Health & Wellness Home™”, it is also your personal “Home IoT ™ ” network within your own home.

i-HOME™ – Intelligent Medical Home

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The i-HOMETM offers a more complete health narrative of patients between visits, providing advanced technologies and solutions that enable increased connectivity between patients and their healthcare teams.  Today’s smart homes are equipped with consumer oriented technologies along with clinical and medical technologies for better, safer, longer living for ALL age groups. The i-HOMETM helps to demonstrate the continuum of care between the primary caregiver, the patient and their family members that is enabled by new technologies. The i-HOMETM is pleased to introduce the Telemedicine Service Center as part of our i-HOMETM demonstration this year. Enjoy your interactive tour of the Intelligent Health Pavilion!


Attend our Leadership and Innovation Theater presentations which run every 20 minutes during Exhibit Hall hours and feature industry thought leaders, panel discussions, educational sessions and the newest in healthcare technology case studies. Read more

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Health Tech Demo Zone™

The Intelligent Health Pavilion offers you the opportunity to explore new healthcare wearables in the new HealthTech Demo Zone™, where you can also hear presentations and panel discussions on some of the latest successes from the field.

2016 Intelligent Health Pavilion Highlights – Experience the Transformation of Healthcare

• Real-time demo of The “Internet of Things in the Health Community™”. (Daily)
• Real-time demo of 3-D printing of human anatomical parts (Daily)
• Observe first-hand the “Continuum of Healthcare through Technologies™” in the Intelligent Hospital and in the i-HOME™. (Daily Tours)
• Attend 2nd Annual “Wearables Wednesday in Healthcare Conference” – Innovation Theatre (Wednesday, March 2 – 9:30-5:30)
• See BLE in Healthcare Demos (Daily)
• Watch the VGo robot for Telemedicine and Telepresence demos in the i-HOME™ (Daily)
• The NuTech Demo Zone for Healthcare (Daily)
• Visit our new Physician’s Exam Room (Daily Tours)
• Come to the 2016 IHA Awards – (Wednesday, March 2 – 5:30 pm)
• IHA Reception (By Invitation only)
• IHA Executive Briefing (By Invitation Only)

Dates and Hours: Intelligent Health Pavilion is Open Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 9:30 PM – Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 4:00 PM (PST)