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Workshop Co-Chairpersons

Tanya L. Travers,  CPA, MBA, Vice President, Marketing,  AMC Health

Ms. Travers has 20 years of experience in marketing communications, strategic planning and digital presence development. Prior positions include: Director, Marketing – Carenet Healthcare Services; Senior Account Supervisor – KGBTexas PR/Advertising; Director, Marketing – The Map Network, NAVTEQ; Director of Public Awareness – VSA arts, Affiliate of The John F. Kennedy Center. Education: BSc in Business Administration and Accountancy from the University of the Philippines and an MBA from the University of Warwick, UK.

Alan D. Snell, MD,MMM, President,  RISE Healthcare, LLC

Dr. Alan Snell spent 13 years as CMIO in two large Catholic health systems (Trinity and Ascension). He now leads his own Health IT consulting company, focusing on virtual care, analytics, care transformation and population health. He also serves on Advisory Councils of several emerging healthcare technology firms. He is a primary care physician who practiced and taught Family Medicine in South Bend, IN for 27 years. He is a 1976 graduate of the Indiana University School of Medicine and obtained a Masters in Medical Management degree at Tulane University School of Medicine and Public Health in 1999.

Keynote:   How Digital Technologies Can Radically Lower Healthcare Costs and Raise its Benefits

Digital technology holds promise to radically impact the cost of care by making healthcare more productive, not just more efficient. Technology can be used to improve the way deliver care by moving work to patients, other workers or even to machines. These same solutions also hold the promise of giving patients more control, personalization and transparency. That means reducing the cost of care while increasing its benefits at the same time.

Kaveh Safavi M.D., J.D.;  Global Managing Director, Health Industry, Accenture

Kaveh Safavi M.D., J.D.;  Global Managing Director, Health Industry, Accenture

Kaveh Safavi, M.D., J.D. is the managing director for Accenture’s global healthcare business. Dr. Safavi is responsible for developing and driving a growth strategy that differentiates Accenture’s offerings for providers, health insurers and public and private health systems across the globe.As a seasoned executive, Dr. Safavi brings more than two decades of leadership experience to Accenture Health. He’s responsible for the creation of the Center for Healthcare Improvement at Health Businesses of Thompson Reuters and, while at HealthSpring, he established one of the Midwest’s first electronic medical record systems. He has published numerous papers and is quoted on healthcare issues in various media publications, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Harvard Business Review and the Economist.



08:45 – 09:00 Introductory remarks

09:00 – 10:00 How Digital Technologies Can Radically Lower Healthcare Costs and Raise its Benefits  

10:00 – 10:30 Engaging Patients Across the Care Continuum

Approximately $90,000 of avoidable costs can occur for a single patient at a single facility due to preventable readmission or adverse event. This happens too often at hospitals due to fractures in care causing patients pain and suffering while costing provider millions. To truly solve some of the issues that exist widely within the patient population today, hospitals can deploy an engagement platform that optimizes high tech solutions and couples it with direct patient care and interaction; and it is now being used in an advanced way that demonstrates dramatic results

Rick Holbrook,  Chief Technology Officer, Skylight Healthcare Systems

Prior to joining Skylight in 2006, Holbrook spent more than 20 years at Cerner as vice president and managing director responsible for Application Architecture, Product Management, Usability, Release Management, Foreign System and Medical Device Integration, and Offshore Development. While at Cerner, he worked to develop the first bi-directional medical device interface, launched Cerner’s first non-clinical Access Management enterprise, and was responsible for several security, patient privacy and bedside patient safety patents. Holbrook received bachelor’s degrees in computer science, psychological profiling and business management from University of Arkansas.

10:30 – 11:00 Break

11:00 – 12:00 New Advances in Patient Engagement and population Health

Moderator: Alan D. Snell, MD, MMM, President, RISE Healthcare, LLC

A panel discussion on the latest advances in caring for populations, not just treating illnesses. Experts in developing new technologies and software will discuss the challenges in this ever-changing field focusing on prevention, patient education, gaps in care and lowering healthcare costs. The discussion will also center on how our health system is moving from traditional fee-for-service based on volume to a value-based system where more care will be delivered outside medical facilities and practices and into the home. Examples will be shared on how newer technologies and mobile applications will help make this possible.

Harlon J. Wilson, Venture Director – Consumer Innovation, Humana

Venture Director for Humana’s Innovation Accelerator is a health IT entrepreneur and “iMagineer”. Harlon founded a health and life sciences animation and interactive learning company. He also served as the CIO and COO of a Midwest home health agency. He earned a MS in Media Arts & Sciences Indiana University School of Informatics. With more than 20 years of IT leadership and entrepreneurial expertise, Harlon is visionary “futurist” for healthcare.

Bill Paschall, VP Business Development, Vivify Health

Bill Paschall has 27 years of healthcare experience and almost 20 years in Telemedicine/Telehealth, with broad experiences from scrubbing in for OR procedures to medical practice administration to sales and management positions at AMD Global Telemedicine, Director of Healthcare Applications at AT&T, and now VP of Business Development at Vivify Health. He is a past Board Member and Industry Council Chair of the American Telemedicine Association, and serves on the Advisory Board of multiple companies.

Eric Grafals, Administrator, Mennonite Care Management Organization, Puerto Rico

Eric Grafals, MHSA, JD, FACHE leads the Mennonite Care Management Organization(MCMO) that will coordinate the case management, preventive services and primary care services to patients with chronic conditions under a population management concept. This will create the capacity to assume the risk for lives in the catchment area served by the Mennonite Healthcare System. He is also the Administrator of the Mental Health Services Division of the Mennonite Health System. Over 35 years experience as Administrator/CEO of several General, Psychiatric facilities, ambulatory services and MBHO’s. Member of the board of directors of several professional, trade and community organizations and past president of the ACHE Puerto Rico Chapter.

12:00 – 12:30 Population Health 2.0 

How technology plays a key role in the future of Population Health and Patient Engagement

Michael Condron, Sr. Advisor, CareVia

Mr. Condron is a Senior Healthcare Executive who has served as CEO and Executive Vice Chairman of CareGuide, a company that delivered health optimizing solutions representing the next generation of coordinated care solutions, offering programs that integrate remote technology devices to deliver quality and effective care by working to lower health care costs. Prior to that, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of CorSolutions Medical, a pioneer in the disease management and health solutions market. He joined CorSolutions as General Counsel in 2002 and during his tenure, played a key role in advising the company on a range of strategic, operational and legal matters during a time of substantial growth. Mr. Condron has a Bachelor of Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a JD from Northwestern University School of Law.

12:00 – 01:30 Lunch

01:30 – 02:00 “Put Me In Coach” – A Paradigm Shift in Medical Education and Training

This presentation will focus on the integration of technology into proctoring and mentoring of healthcare providers.

Paul P. Szotek, Jr., MD,  Chief Medical Adviser, Hodei Technology, LLC

Dr. Paul P. Szotek Jr graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 2002. He works in Indianapolis, IN and specializes in Surgery. Dr. Szotek Jr is affiliated with Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital and IU Health North Hospital.

02:00 – 02:30 Transitions of Care Management: Automated and Intelligent

Transitions of Care Management is one of the first steps that health systems usually take to better manage the health of their patient population. Current approaches are manual, inefficient, and fail to tackle some of the key drivers of hospital readmissions. Acupera has developed an intelligent digital workflow to significantly improve the TCM process. This digital workflow uses live data feeds from inpatient and outpatient EHRs and proprietary algorithms to identify ideal patients for TCM, perform medication reconciliation, and manage clinical and socio-behavioral drivers of poor outcomes and readmission.

Dr. Ronald Razmi, Acupera, CEO

Dr. Ronald Razmi is Founder and CEO of Acupera. He is responsible for Acupera’s strategic direction, company operations, and product portfolio. Ron’s background as a cardiologist and healthcare consultant and investor gives him unique insights into the challenges facing medical professionals. Prior to founding Acupera, Ron was a Management Consultant at McKinsey and Company and Navigant Consulting. He was previously Founder and Executive Director of cardiovascularmri.com. He has worked with many of the world’s largest healthcare companies, providing guidance on business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, product development and healthcare technology.

Dr. Ariane Roehder, Acupera, Director of Clinical Content

Dr. Ariane Roehder is Acupera’s Director of Clinical Content. She is responsible for all content, care pathways, and workflows of Acupera’s population care management platform. She manages the process from its creation to implementation. She works with world experts in both clinical and socio-behavioral areas to create care pathways and workflows that power the transformation in care delivery models. Ariane holds her medical degree from Ludwig Maximillian University Munich and did her doctorate studies at RWTH Aachen University. Prior to Acupera she was trained in Neurology at one of the largest clinics in Bavaria. During this time she developed her passion for product development, which brought her to Acupera.

02:30 – 02:45 Break

02:45 – 03:15 Implementing Intelligent Assistive Technology in the VA SmartHome: A Clinical View.

The VA SmartHome has focused on recruiting patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). This population has a wide range of needs, which will be discussed along with the VA SmartHome process for determining solutions. As the project evolves it will be looking to expand to better improve the lives of the at-home caregivers.

Richard Archer, VA

Richard is a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional working as a contractor with the Assistive Technology Department at the James A. Haley VA Medical Center. In addition he is working with the VA SmartHome project as a clinical liaison. He is also currently consulting with the Get Well Network on new methods to allow Veterans to interface with the SmartHome system. Richard has worked for 25 years in the field of assistive technology.

03:15 – 04:15 The US Department of Veterans Affairs SmartHome Project: Process, Methods, and (Unexpected) Outcomes

Moderator: Karen Mann, Ubisense Inc/Department of Veterans Affairs

In this panel discussion we describe the process by which Smart technologies are selected or developed for veterans with disabilities, the kinds of smart home technologies that have resulted from this project, and unanticipated informational windfalls which we anticipate will inform future best clinical practices.

Richard Archer, VA

Richard is a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional working as a contractor with the Assistive Technology Department at the James A. Haley VA Medical Center. In addition he is working with the VA SmartHome project as a clinical liaison. He is also currently consulting with the Get Well Network on new methods to allow Veterans to interface with the SmartHome system. Richard has worked for 25 years in the field of assistive technology.

Jeff May, VA

Jeff May is responsible for development of the VA SmartHome system. Jeff has a BS Mechanical Engineering and a MS in computer Science. Jeff’s background is in telemetry, data analysis and system engineering and includes 13 years working at NASA on the Space Shuttle Main Propulsion System and developing requirements for SLS Ground System. Jeff has received several NASA awards for innovative technology development. Jeff’s projects can be seen at www.colbrensolutions.com

Prof. William Kearns, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling, U. of South Florida

Prof. William Kearns is a mental health services researcher and inventor who creates solutions for persons faced with the difficult task of caring for persons with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. His research interests derive from a field known as Gerontechnology, specifically in development and use of telesurveillance and cognitive prosthetics to support the physical, social, and community health and well-being needs of persons with cognitive impairment related to dementia and traumatic brain injuries.

04:15 – 05:15 New Solutions & Technologies Transforming the i – HOME Landscape Panel

Moderator:  Tanya L. Travers,  CPA, MBA, Vice President, Marketing,  AMC Health

The panel discussion will highlight innovations that continue to transform the way healthcare is delivered in the home. Patients, caregivers and clinicians are so much more connected than they were even just a few years ago. Experts will talk about the different solutions and technologies that are now leveraged in the home to keep patients healthier and enable them to take a more active role in managing their health. The discussion will also center on how the home has now joined the hospital and outpatient settings as a locus of care. Examples will be shared on how technology is enabling more meaningful interventions and assuring that care is actually taking place in the home.

Mark Robinton, Director of Business Development and Strategic Innovation, HID Global

Mark Robinton, Director of Business Development and Strategic Innovation for HID Global, is responsible for incubating new technologies and solutions including the use of near field communications (NFC). He has been active in the mobile industry for over a decade, leading projects ranging from secure elements to network applications with a focus on security. Mark received M.S. degrees in electrical engineering and engineering management from Tufts University. He also holds bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering.

Dietrich Ruehlmann, Ph.D., MBA,  Senior Global Marketing Manager – Homecare Solutions

Dietrich Ruehlmann has managed product development in life science and medical device industries for over 14 years. He joined Zephyr technology (now part of Medtronic) to help transition the company from professional sports and military to the medical market. Dietrich currently acts as the Senior Global Product Manager for ZephyrLIFE HOME, a platform that allows patients at home to communicate their vital signs to caregivers. Born in Germany, Dietrich has a PhD from the University of London and an executive MBA from the University of Maryland.

Jonathan Leviss, MD FACP, SVP, Medical Director, AMC Health

Dr. Leviss serves as AMC Health’s clinical leader. Prior to joining AMC Health, he was Chief Medical Officer at the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI). Dr. Leviss is a primary care physician at Thundermist Health Center in RI and Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice at the Brown University School of Public Health. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and MD from NYU School of Medicine.

05:15 – 05:30 Wrap up