About Us

What is the IHA?

The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is a global, technology based and technology focused organization comprised of many new technology communities and societies all operating under one organizational structure with a common goal: to help drive the “Evolution to the Health Revolution™ ” through the adoption and implementation of new technologies in the health Eco-system. The IHA will accomplish this goal through the delivery of vendor neutral, technology agnostic educational programs in a partnership with the other health related organizations, academic institutions, government, technology community, and standards bodies.  The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is a “By Invitation Only”, organization, whose primary members are comprised of health related technology firms and other health organizations who have met IHA’s high standards for membership. IHA members have one goal in mind and that is to improve patient care and patient safety, while at the same time helping to reduce the cost of healthcare through the use of technologies. IHA invites representatives from the entire health eco-system to join our “Evolution to the Health Revolution™”.

Learn how the i-Home is changing home healthcare

Meet Harry Pappas, CEO of the Intelligent Health Association as he gives a tour of the i-HOME™/Intelligent Medical Home at the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion, HIMSS16, Las Vegas. A number of the technologies demonstrated to visitors as a part of daily, ongoing, 30 minute tours during the course of the show are explained, as well as the concept of the i-HOME™ and how it can contribute to improved patient care, security, convenience and health.

The educational demonstrations at the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion, including the i-HOME™, deliver a number of compelling use cases across collaborating vendors that highlight how multiple technologies can seamlessly interoperate with state of the art, medical equipment and co-exist to improve the overall patient care experience.

The Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion brings together not only RFID and RTLS technology firms and their many use cases, but also new and complementary technologies such as Auto-ID, Biometrics, BLE, IOT, mobile devices, NFC, bar coding, software, sensors, and wireless technology firms all at one easy, accessible location.