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or350HIMSS, positively transforms health and healthcare through the best use of information technology in the United States and Canada. As a cause-based non-profit, HIMSS North America provides thought leadership, community building, professional development, public policy, and events. HIMSS North America represents 61,000 individual members, 640 corporate members, and over 450 non-profit organizations.

The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition is the industry’s largest health IT educational program and exhibition center. The 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, will bring together 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. Exceptional education, world-class speakers, cutting-edge health IT products and powerful networking are hallmarks of this industry-leading conference.

More than 300 education programs feature keynotes, thought leader sessions, roundtable discussions and e-sessions, plus preconference symposia and workshops.

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Who Attends

HIMSS16 saw double digit percentage growth of all C-Suite title attendees. (65%).

HIMSS16 –  Total Visitors 41,712

Registration by Worksite                                        Registration by Professional Title
Government 4.50%                                                            Government 2.30%
Payer/Financial 7.20%                                                      Sr. Mgmt 17.40%
Consultant 16.50%                                                             C Suite 30.50%
Provider 40.50%                                                                 Clinicians 2.20%
Vendor 23.60%                                                                    Other IT prof. 22.50%
other 7.70%                                                                           Other 25.10%



Intelligent Health Association at HIMSS


2017 will be our 7th year at HIMSS. Recognized as the most visited Pavilion at HIMSS we’ve grown from a 3500 square foot Pavilion to over 20,000 square feet.

In 2016 we saw an increase in the number of C Suite executives visiting the Pavilion. Our continued focus on EDUCATION has paid off –one of our newest sponsors said it best:

“Visitors are pre-qualified when they enter the Pavilion as they’ve already decided they want to visit and learn about the latest technologies and their impact throughout the continuum of care.”

The Intelligent Health™ Pavilion (IHP) is the one-stop destination for live, working demonstrations of the latest technologies throughout the healthcare ecosystem. IHP Educational tours guide you through a smart medical home and an Intelligent Hospital, and sixty-plus vendor kiosks showcase solutions and technologies. Industry thought leaders provide insights in two theaters, and educational demonstrations highlight how multiple technologies can seamlessly interoperate.


Intelligent Health Pavilion Stats for 2016

• 41% of visitors came from healthcare facilities ranging from Community Health Clinics to Hospitals to Long Term Care facilities.
• 413 different hospitals visited the Pavilion
• 29% of visitors were C-Suite Executives

Why Visit the IHP?

• Take part in the One Pavilion that presents emerging technology solutions from across the globe
• Attend scripted educational tours
• View a holistic snapshot of technologies delivered “in situ”, with integrations from machine to machine as well as integrated software and hardware
• Engage in a welcoming atmosphere where the focus in on EDUCATION and increasing the awareness of the technologies making a difference in Healthcare TODAY
• See first-hand, fully integrated, multiple vendor solutions, and understand why and where they “fit” into your overall healthcare strategy

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